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Jennifer “Jennergy” Keifer

Jennifer, the visionary CEO of SpirituaLiving, was inspired to create this transformative  marketplace in July of 2023 after a life-altering event when her husband faced a terminal chronic illness. This profound experience shifted her outlook on life, revealing a longing for deeper meaning and balance. Previously, Jennifer led a successful career as a driven and passionate technology executive, but she felt something was always missing.

With over 20 years of experience as a product and engineering leader at tech giants such as Indeed, Cisco Systems, and HPE, Jennifer brings a unique blend of strategic leadership, innovative thinking, and a compassionate approach to SpirituaLiving. Her extensive background has equipped her with the expertise to build a platform that caters to both Seekers and Guides, offering a trustworthy and comprehensive community for holistic healing.

SpirituaLiving was born from Jennifer's realization that a spiritual way of living was not only essential for her well-being but also something she wholeheartedly embraced. She recognized the challenge of finding reliable Practitioners or Guides, which ignited the spark for SpirituaLiving. This community is a labor of passion, grounded in Jennifer’s deep-rooted belief in the power of unconditional love, a positive mindset, and authentic self-discovery.​​

Known affectionately as "Jennergy" by her friends, Jennifer is committed to creating a community where Seekers can connect, heal, and thrive. With unwavering determination and an inspiring vision, she continues to lead SpirituaLiving towards a future where everyone can achieve their fullest potential and live a life of profound connection and growth.

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