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Creative Director

Creative Director

Tina McGlasson

With over 25 years of experience in visual design, Tina McGlasson brings a wealth of creativity and expertise to SpirituaLiving. She holds a BA in Fine Arts and a Master’s in Education, and has dedicated over 14 years to educating others as a Single Subject High School Credentialed teacher.

In addition to her extensive background in education, Tina has spent over a decade in marketing, working with the Kern County High School District and various non-profit organizations within Kern County. Her diverse experience in both visual design and marketing allows her to craft compelling and impactful creative strategies that resonate with our community.

Tina’s journey into spirituality began at the young age of eight, when she started contemplating what it means to live a spiritual life. Over the past decade, she has discovered that true spirituality does not require organized religion or a specific place of worship to find peace. Instead, she embraces a spiritual practice focused on kindness to herself, others, and the world around her.

Her passion for integrating spiritual principles with creative expression makes Tina an invaluable asset to SpirituaLiving. She is dedicated to creating a visually inspiring and supportive environment where our community can thrive.

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